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What are postmaster tools?

Postmaster Tools are used to analyze your email performance and your reputation. By looking at the data and statistics given to you by any postmaster tool, you will be able to monitor and analyze your email performance in order to ensure your emails are landing in the right place, the inbox.

How to monitor your IPs

Google Postmaster is a tool that requires you to have a domain (that you own) and access to your DNS panel in order to make any necessary changes. Once this is connected, Google will be able to give the necessary information for you to track your email strategy and domain reputation. Accessing and making changes to your DNS panel, may seem difficult or techy, but all you need to do is select the right option from a drop-down and copy-paste. Everyone can do it and if you ever get stuck contact our support team here. It would make us happy to help you.

  1. Go to

  2. Log in with your current Gmail/Gsuite account or create a new one

  3. Click on the “+” button on the bottom right

  4. A pop-up will appear. Add your domain here and click on next

  5. Google postmaster offers you two different ways to connect your domain. A TXT record and a CNAME

  6. In your DNS panel click on “add record”. You will see a drop-down with several options which include TXT & CNAME, a “host” field, and a “points to” field.

    Note: In some DNS panel the host field requires you to write the domain (eg and others do not (eg: 123123abc)

  7. If you select TXT record you will be given one record. This means you need to add “@” or “” in your host field. You can copy from Google Postmaster the record and paste it in the “points to” field. Save the record and publish it if necessary for it to propagate.

  8. Go back to google postmaster and click validate. We suggest waiting 5-10 minutes between step 7 and 8. If it does not validate, but you believe you did it correctly the issue may be that the records have not been propagated yet. You can close your Google Postmaster page and validate at a later time. Once a domain is added to Google Postmaster, it will remain there until you validate it or delete it.

    Note: If you do not validate the domain or your volume to Google is not big enough, Google Postmaster will not track and store data.

How to connect Google Postmaster to EmailConsul?

Once your domain is validated with Google Postmaster, click on the vertical three dots. Two options will appear “Manage users” and “Delete”.

Click on “Manage users” and the “+” sign will appear on the bottom right. Click and add “[email protected]” as a user.

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