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Does Google love your emails enough to let them land in the inbox?

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Email authentication can protect your deliverability by preventing phishing attacks that can ruin your reputation with clients and email service providers. It is essential to run your emails through these email authentication systems to avoid a bad reputation and getting penalized, blocked, or flagged as spam.

Benefits & Features

  • Sender Reputation

    You have a sender reputation with each and every mailbox provider you send emails to. With EmailConsul you can monitor your sender reputation with Google and Microsoft. This allows you to ensure you are in good standing and of course that your emails are landing in the inbox.

  • Google postmaster

    In Postmaster Tools, you can track data on large volumes of emails sent and find information about your sending domain. The dashboards allow you to see details such as Gmail delivery errors, spam reports, feedback loops, and more.

  • SNDS

    It is an initiative that aims to protect e-mail and the Internet as a valuable communication, productivity, and commerce tool against spam, malware, viruses, and other Internet evils by allowing everyone who owns IP space to contribute to fighting them.

Review which mailboxes block your emails

With our free audit, try out a simplified version of our inboxing test and get your results today. See your inboxing rates with most common providers such as Gmail/GSuite, Microsoft, ICloud and the Verizon family. Also ensure your sender domain and IPs are not listed on any blocklists, and that it is properly authenticated with SPF, DKIM & DMARC.

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