Enhance Your Domain Security with EmailConsul's Look-alike

Real-Time Detection of Look-alike Domains for Ultimate Protection

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In today's digital age, ensuring the security of your domain is paramount. EmailConsul's Look-alike feature provides cutting-edge protection by detecting Look-alike domains in real time. Protect your business from phishing attacks and domain impersonation with our comprehensive detection and alert system.

Benefits & Features

  • Determine the Age of Look-alike Domains

    Determine the Age of Look-alike Domains

    Stay ahead of potential threats by identifying the age of look-alike domains. Our Age Check feature helps you determine how long these domains have been active, providing insights into their potential risk levels.

  • Identify Domain Owners

    Identify Domain Owners

    Gain visibility into who owns the look-alike domains with our Ownership Info feature. By knowing the entities behind these domains, you can better assess their intentions and take necessary precautions.

  • Check Email Setup of Look-alike Domains

    Check Email Setup of Look-alike Domains

    Ensure that look-alike domains are not being used to send fraudulent emails. Our Email Readiness check determines if these domains are set up to send emails, helping you identify and mitigate potential phishing threats.

  • Verify Security Records for Safe Communication

    Verify Security Records for Safe Communication

    Verify the presence of essential security records such as SPF, MX, and DMARC. Our Security Records check ensures that look-alike domains comply with email security standards, safeguarding your communication channels from malicious activities.

Secure Your Brand with Real-Time Look-alike Domain Detection

Protect your brand from phishing and impersonation with EmailConsul's Look-alike Domain Detection. Our real-time monitoring instantly identifies and alerts you to look-alike domains, keeping your brand secure.

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