Seedlisting or Inbox placement test

Inbox Placement Tests

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Seedlisting or Inbox Placement Testing is an email tool that assesses the delivery of your emails to different Inbox Service Providers (e.g. Gmail, Yahoo) to see where your emails land.

Benefits & Features

  • Monitor where your emails land in a recipient's mailbox

    You have different sender reputations and deliverability rates with different mailbox providers. See where you stand today before sending your next email.

  • SpamAssassin

    ISPs are similar in nature when it comes to protecting inboxes from spam, but they do look for different red flags. Look at scores on a per email basis to better understand what can be affecting your inboxing with B2B spam filters.

  • Real-time blocklist information

    Monitor your domain, sub-domain, and IP listings at the time of testing to help you make better targeting decisions

  • Measure performance

    Track different email campaign elements with EmailConsul by tracking the delivery time, ESP hosts, and filters used by your subscribers in order to better assess what changes need to be made.

Review which mailboxes block your emails

With our free audit, try out a simplified version of our inboxing test and get your results today. See your inboxing rates with most common providers such as Gmail/GSuite, Microsoft, ICloud and the Verizon family. Also ensure your sender domain and IPs are not listed on any blocklists, and that it is properly authenticated with SPF, DKIM & DMARC.

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