Refund Policy

EmailConsul offers a 30-day money back guarantee. Anytime during the 30-day period from the payment date, you are eligible for a full or a partial refund for unused service. To do so, you must state the reason in your refund request.

Refund request is reviewed in the period of 7 to 10 business days from the request date.

To be eligible for a refund, your request must contain the following information:

1. Order number, you wish to receive refund for.

2. Detailed description of the root cause of the refund request.

Refund request review procedure:

Each refund request is being reviewed individually, on an orderly basis, and therefore requires time to be completed. Responsible manager will keep you updated on the progress of your refund request.

After your refund request is approved, you will be informed by the manager appropriately. Refund processing can take up to a couple of weeks, based on the payment method, your bank regulations and other factors.

Payments made by mistake or in error are processed as follows:

— Submit the refund request by creating an appropriate ticket through your account;

— Provide both order numbers. Start with the order you wish to be refunded for.

EmailConsul can decline the refund request due to the following reasons:

— Refund is requested for “on go” plan funds;

— Payment method in the refund request is different from the one used for submitting the original payment;

— In case of violation of applicable laws, terms and conditions or in case EmailConsul is used for unsolicited, illegal actions;

— If no refund request reason is provided;

— If the 30-day period from the service payment date has expired, even if the service was not used during this period.

Refund conditions

EmailConsul will approve the refund in any of the below scenarios:

— If payment was processed by error / mistake or was processed automatically and the service is no longer used;

— If payment sum exceeds the required by the subscription plan;

— In case EmailConsul informs of changes to the Terms and Conditions after they’ve been accepted and during the 10-day period from being informed of such, a decline to re-accept new Terms and Conditions will be received. In such case, EmailConsul guarantees reimbursement of funds, prorated to the unused service time from the date of a decline.

In other scenarios, refund will be approved if deemed appropriate by EmailConsul.

Refund processing:

Refund is processed strictly via the same payment method that was used in the initial purchase. For example, if the initial purchase was made through VISA/MASTERCARD, the refund will be processed via transaction cancellation and can be processed only to the original VISA/MASTERCARD used. Refund processing time depends on the payment method used.

Processing fee or other bank fees may be applied to the refund sum during processing.