Privacy Policy

The below document regulates EmailConsul privacy policies, cookies processing and other public offer conditions and regulations. Please take time to go through this Privacy Policy to get a clear understanding on how we collect, process, protect and use your Personal data. Data processing policy is a part of EmailConsul Privacy Policy.

Public offer

Usage of EmailConsul services and/or website implies your full consent with EmailConsul Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, including your Personal data collection and processing via webforms and cookie files.

Cookies usage policy

EmailConsul is using cookies for various purposes, such as ads, sales and marketing, trends analysis, maintenance and website enhancements, user tracking and heatmaps, demographic analysis, login tracking, marketing campaign success tracking, customer experience improvements, relevant content analysis, fraud detection and prevention, providing personalized experience. We’re also using cookies as the basis for our core service features, such as email opens and clicks tracking and others. Using cookies, we’re gathering data both individually and collectively.

Users can control the use of cookies at the browser level. If you refuse cookies, you can still use our site and application, but some functions or areas of our site and application will not be available.

Personal data processing policy

What is defined by personal Data?

In accordance to international laws, personal data is defined as any information that is either directly or indirectly linked to a specific individual (also defined as personal data holder)

Which personal data is EmailConsul collecting from our website and application users?

During our website usage or upon registration, you will be asked to specify your email address and/or other data to help you get the best experience using EmailConsul.

When does EmailConsul collect personal data?

EmailConsul is collecting your personal data upon registering on our website, demo usage, newsletter subscription, login or providing feedback.

How does EmailConsul use your personal data?

EmailConsul can use your personal data for the following:

— Creating a personal experience by offering various content and product options that are most likely to be of your interest;

— Improve overall service quality;

— Frequent email updates upon subscription.

Which information does EmailConsul provide in the weekly newsletter upon subscription?

In it’s weekly newsletter, EmailConsul is listing new trends and ideas, knowledge sharing by other customers, providing helpful advice, informing of upcoming events, deals, eCommerce news and other.

Other important points:

— We’re not using misleading or malicious subject lines or addresses;

— Clearly defining advertisements in emails;

— Monitoring third party email service providers, if any, for compliance;

— Always provide a clear option to unsubscribe for future mailings, in each email footer.

How does EmailConsul protect your personal data?

EmailConsul applies various protection techniques when receiving or transmitting customer’s personal data.

— EmailConsul doesn’t use third-party applications to scan or analyze personal data, nor does it provide access to it.

— Payment systems, used by EmailConsul adopt all security measures and precautions to ensure that customer’s personal data is safe. They are certified as being compliant with industry data safety standards, including Visa Cardholder Information Security and Compliance (CISP) / MasterCard® Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

— EmailConsul takes all necessary measures to ensure that customer’s personal data is protected from unsolicited access, loss, wrongful use, publicity or destruction. However, the measures taken doesn’t guarantee that customer’s data won’t be stolen, wrongfully used, made public or destroyed as a result of security violation by the customer. When signing up on EmailConsul website, customer acknowledges and accepts these risks.

— EmailConsul regularly scans the entire system for malware and viruses.

EmailConsul’s customer personal data is safely stored in the system and networks with access granted only to the selected users with access rights and agreed to keep the data confidential at all times. Moreover, all personal data is encrypted with Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technologies.

All payment transactions are processed by the payment gateways - they are not stored or processed on EmailConsul servers.

How can personal data be removed?

EmailConsul’s customer can remove the data manually, or by contacting support at [email protected] requesting to remove all personal data. Note, that removing personal data will cause some service features unavailability. In situations when some personal data can’t be removed, customer will be notified accordingly.

Personal data usage by third parties

EmailConsul does not provide or sell customers personal data to third parties. EmailConsul does work with third parties to list and manage our ads and services on other platforms and websites. Third parties that EmailConsul works with can use cookies or similar tracking technologies to target customers with ads or relevant content, based on your browser activity.

This Privacy Policy doesn’t apply to third parties actions - something that EmailConsul doesn’t own or control, as well as to people that are not employed or affiliated with EmailConsul.

External resources

EmailConsul can include and offer external products and services on it’s website. However, external references can only appear in blog articles and for informational purposes only.

EmailConsul provides:

— Customers can browse the website anonymously;

— Customers can edit personal data through their user accounts.

Personal data processing agreement

I, Personal Data Holder, hereby provide consent and agree to have my personal data gathered and processed upon filling any web form on website, intending to use the website’s features provided.

By Personal data I define any information that’s related to me as a personal data holder, including my first, last and middle names, line of work, contact data (phone, fax, email, physical address), photos and any other related information. By personal data processing, I define collecting, storing, editing, using, sharing, depersonalization, blocking, removing and any other personal data actions.

Personal Data Holder data processing is done solely for the purpose of registration of the Personal Data Holder in EmailConsul database with further goal of sending email and SMS communications with advertisement content from EmailConsul and its affiliate companies and subsidiaries, informational and newsletter campaigns, to the Personal Data Holder, among other advertisement and newsletter - related content.

Personal data processing consent date is the webform submission date, done by the Personal Data Holder.

Personal Data Holder data processing can be done with or without automated tools, in accordance with international laws and regulations as well as EmailConsul terms and conditions.

EmailConsul takes all required legal, organizational and technical measures in an effort to protect personal data from unsolicited access, destruction, editing, locking, copying, sharing, and other wrongful usage of personal data. EmailConsul takes full responsibility for keeping Personal Data Holder data confidential. EmailConsul is allowed to share Personal Data Holder data with affiliate companies and subsidiaries for processing, only upon affiliate companies and subsidiaries consent to take all required efforts to keep Personal Data Holder data secure and confidential.

I have read the following:

1. This given data processing consent for the data provided in webforms, intending to use the website’s features provided, is valid for 20 (twenty) years from the submission date;

2. This given data processing consent can be canceled upon my request to EmailConsul team;

3. Personal data collection, processing and sharing with third parties without Personal Data Holder’s consent is subject to prosecution by law.

Changes to EmailConsul privacy policy

EmailConsul bears the right to change its Privacy Policy at any given time, by publishing it on its website.

Contact EmailConsul

Feel free to contact EmailConsul at [email protected] with any questions regarding the given privacy policy