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Follow the steps below to get started with your free deliverability audit:

  1. Copy emails (or download ) with a listof seed email addresses

  2. Import your contacts in your email marketing tool.

    (Please note this seed list can only be used once)

  3. Send an email to this list as you normally would.

  4. Once the emailing has finished, click on the 'See Audit Report'

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What questions willthe audit answer?

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    Where are my emails landing? Are they landing in the inbox, spam folder or nowhere at all?

    It isn't because your subscribers email are valid that they receive your email in their inbox or promotions tab. Many factors such as authentication, domain and IP reputation, engagement or blocklists will affect your inboxing.

    Everything starts with knowing which mailbox providers you are having issues with. Then you will be able to tackle the issue heads-on.

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    Are my domains or IPs listed on a blocklist?

    IPs and Domains can be listed on various blocklists based. Various red flags that these blocklists monitor will affect your inboxing and your IP and Domain reputation.

    Issues can stem from bad list practices, such as spam traps and low engagement, all the way to spam complaints and spoofing issues.

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    Are my emails authenticated?

    Authenticated emails allow mailbox providers to know emails are coming from you, and reduces spoofing and phishing.

    Authentication is the first thing any business should do before sending out any emails, from their business inbox all the way to their marketing and transactional emails.

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